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Steps and progress of a procedure


Your First Visit

A reassuring introduction this is it! Your first virtual visit to Dr. Salib's Clinic. As you read these lines, you will get a clearer idea of what to expect from your initial appointment with Dr. Salib. But let's face it, there is always a little apprehension when you go to a place that is unknown to you.

They say the first impression is always the best. So, your confidence will be restored in no time as we welcome you to the warm and friendly atmosphere of our elegant and sophisticated premises. Just make yourself comfortable in our waiting room sheltered from indiscreet eyes.

While you take a moment to fill out a medical questionnaire, Dr. Salib will be preparing to meet with you.

Your First Encounter with Dr. Salib

A knack for putting you at ease under the seal of confidentiality and professionalism, this meeting will inspire you with confidence and a feeling of friendship. Dr. Salib's ground rule is to establish a good relationship with his patients, and this starts with careful listening that allows him to properly assess the expectations of each of his patients.

It is said about Dr. Salib that he has an undying love for practising medicine. Always concerned about the health of his patients, he makes sure they are true candidates for aesthetic surgery. As well, Dr. Salib is very generous in giving medical advice, so you can only benefit from listening closely to his explanations.

The Medical Check-up

Assessing your state of health the next stage of your visit involves a health check-up. Dr. Salib will make your diagnosis and determine the specific surgical procedure pertaining to your needs.

In a very discreet manner, Dr. Salib will study the structure and shape of the area of your body in question. He will take the time to explain to you precisely, in plain language what can be corrected as well as the different options and implications for each targeted area.

The medical assistant

The complement… with the aim to offer you a complete service, Dr Salib will introduce you to one of his assistant who will answer any other additional questions and discuss about the financial aspect. You will be able to plan your surgery date or personal treatment plan at your best convenience.

Taking Pictures

While observing the utmost discretion next in line is the digital picture-taking session for medical purposes. This session always takes place in a most unobtrusive manner in a camera room. Once again, you will be very impressed by Dr. Salib's professionalism.

Prior to the Surgery

The importance of being well prepared the documents informing you about your surgery must be completely read and understood. Should you have any questions or wish additional information, you may contact Dr. Salib or his medical staff at your convenience.

Once the date for the operation has been set, most patients have to meet with Dr. Salib or one of his team members a second time. You will receive all the instructions resulting from the requested health-check analysis, and you may discuss these at your convenience prior to the surgery.

Preparing you properly for the day when you undergo surgery is of single utmost importance to Dr.Salib and his team, as they want to make sure that the experience will be as agreeable as possible for you. There are no set limits to the number and duration of your consultations. After all, this decision took time to mature, and now is the time to get well prepared.

The Big Day...

The beginning of a new you this is it, the big day has arrived! You will surely be a bit nervous, but Dr. Salib and his medical team will do everything in their power to relax you and make this day a positive experience for you. Before entering the operating room, a nurse will look after your admission. You will also meet Dr. Salib and, if necessary, the anaesthetist for the very last preparations.

When you entering the operating facilities, you will discover a large cool room where everything is white. The room is fully equipped with stainless steel instruments and a great variety of medical devices. The temperature is constantly kept at 21°C, and the permanent inflow and outflow of air keeps everything nice and fresh. This temperature control will reassure you on the conformity and sterility of the premises. The nurses, inhalation therapist, anaesthetist and Dr. Salib will all be there for you.

If you have partial or general anaesthesia, you will wake up in the company of the nurse assigned to the recovery room.

When ready, you will leave the private surgical center under supervision of a nurse.

At the same private surgical center they offer extended post-operative health care. Here, you will enjoy high quality private health-care that includes visits from Dr. Salib.

Post-Operative Health Check...

Ensuring a successful convalescence you play a very important part during the convalescence and healing phase. Dr. Salib and his team cannot overstress the importance of following exactly the instructions and medical advice given to you for post-surgery recovery. But have no fear, you are assured of our constant support and may contact Dr. Salib at any time.

The post-operative health care program is taken very seriously at Dr. Salib's Clinic. The Doctor and his staff will be monitoring the progress of your recovery throughout this period. So, it is up to you to make the most of it. Dr.Salib and his health professionals are always available to give you encouragement, guidance and sound advice.