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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast surgery - Breast Reduction

The breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is a plastic surgery which allows reducing the volume of the breast. This operation can solve several problems due to an excessive heaviness of the breasts. Physical activity will be easier, posture will be improved and pains such as those felt in the back of the neck and in the back will be strongly decreased.

Furthermore, this operation does not affect either the sensations or the capacity to breast-feed. This operation is ideal for the women who feel such pains, after a major loss of weight or by concerns of aestheticism. A preoperative meeting with Dr Salib will allow you to establish your expectations and to see how the operation will take place.

This surgery consists of removing the excess of skin and breast tissue and moving the nipple upward during the reshaping of the breast. Finally, Dr Salib will proceed to stitch tissues by giving them the shortest scar possible. Often it is possible to avoid making thte classic inverted "T" or the anchor shape scar.

After the operation, a rest of at least one week is recommended and simple instructions shall be given to optimize the recovery and the appearance of scars.