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Breast surgery - Mastopexy

The mastopexy, or breast lift, is a plastic surgery which allows improving the appearance of breasts. This operation allows to firm up, to raise and to give some volume to the breast. Furthermore, this operation does not affect either the sensations or the capacity to breast-feed.

This surgery is ideal for the women who breast-fed or whose weight loss affected the shape of their breasts. This operation can also correct a lack of symmetry or changes due to the normal ageing process of the breasts.

The operation will allow removing an excess of skin, to remodel and raise the breast as to improve their general appearance. If you want to obtain more volume, besides the mastopexy, the insertion of implants is possible.

The scar is usually vertical but can go on in the shape of an inverted "T" according to the particular anatomy of the person. After the operation, a rest of at least one week is recommended and simple instructions shall be given to optimize the recovery and the appearance of scars.