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Facial Surgery

Facial Surgery


With aging, the skin can lose some of its tone and subside. The first third of the face (forehead, eyebrows) loses in volume and as do the mid face (eyelids, cheek) while bottom third of the face (chin, tip of the nose, neck) gains in loose skin. This phenomenon is part of the aging process. Lines and wrinkles also contribute to create stern facial features. The decent of facial fat can cause jowls at the jaw line. More »

Temporal Lift

Eyebrows are very important for communicating and framing the look. Eyebrows which subside can easily give the sad or angry sight. Fine wrinkles build up themselves in time, the look ages and reveal the fatigue. Dark circles can also build up over eyelids and covering them with makeup is more difficult. All these elements can tarnish the look and often give a harsh facial expression, even at rest. The temporal lift (lift of eyebrows) is usually combined with the forehead lifting, can clearly improve these aspects of the ageing and make look younger so the face. More »


The look is important to communicate. Eyelids that sag can easily project an illusion of fatigue. The presence of pockets of the eyelids age more appearance. All of these can dull the look and are often serious air when the face is at rest. Blepharoplasty (or eyelid surgery) can significantly improve these aspects of aging and rejuvenate the face. More »


Rhinoplasty is a surgery to improve the appearance of the nose. Some people find that their nose does not match their personality. The width of the nasal bones, the projection and the shape of the tip or a bump on the back of the nose are all valid reasons to perform a rhinoplasty. More »