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Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

The specialty of plastic surgery includes reconstructive surgery. Dr. Salib is subspecialty in microsurgery for complex reconstruction after cancer and accidents.

The majority of plastic and reconstructive surgeries are reimbursed by insurance ( eg RAMQ , blue cross, etc. . ) For example, all people who have had breast surgery for breast cancer is eligible for reconstruction. All treatments are supported by the Régie de l' assurance . Multiple options for breast reconstruction exist and consultation is the best way to find one suitable. Some people prefer reconstruction prosthesis. Others prefer the more natural appearance of a free TRAM or DIEP flap. Flap to the advantage of bringing in the breast skin and fat are with blood supply to recreate a soft breast.

Dr. Salib often treats people suffering from skin cancer. Sometimes flaps and grafts are necessary to minimize the consequences of the cancer resection. Dr. Salib has developed a great expertise for reconstruction of face the consequences are often unapparent after reconstruction.

Another component of plastic and reconstructive surgery in which Dr. Salib is specialized hand surgery. Injuries of the hand totaling between 5-10 % of all emergency room visits. The origin of the problem is varied: a fracture, a wound, a burn, a sprain, tendon rupture, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, a laceration of a nerve or artery, etc. . Once the diagnosis is made a treatment plan is determined that included or not surgery.

Reconstructive surgery can help repair parts of the body. There are procedures to correct damage caused by disfigurement, injuries or birth defects. Breast reconstruction or reduction is for women who have undergone a mastectomy or for women who have abnormally large breasts that cause back problems or related health issues. There is also a separate breast reduction for men.

Procedures are available for people affected by any number of maladies, including tumors, webbed toes or fingers or extra fingers/ toes or for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

For individuals with severe burns or cuts, skin grafts or other reconstructive techniques are available. Microsurgery or flap procedures are procedures that replace parts of the body affected by injury or disease, such as cancer. Reconstructive surgery corrects facial defects such as cleft lip, breathing problems, or chronic infections. Most insurance carriers do cover reconstructive surgery.

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